Areas of Expertise

Our experience, knowledge and expertise provide an integrated approach to failure analysis and accident investigations. We use the latest technology in accident reconstruction including computer modeling, digital data acquisition, and photogrammetry to provide our clients the best possible outcomes.

Automotive Accident Reconstruction

Principia’s engineering staff have investigated over 1000 transportation accidents covering the complete range of accident types. The breadth of technical backgrounds at Principia allows us to provide our clients with the full spectrum of accident reconstruction services.


The study of injury is central to the practice of failure analysis and accident reconstruction. Often accidents and product failures are accompanied by human injury or death. Investigation of these failures and accidents involves not only the examination of broken mechanical parts but also the examination of the physical evidence present in the injuries caused by the accident.

Construction Defect

Principia’s engineering staff have investigated hundreds of failures covering plumbing, HVAC, process piping and fire protection systems. This includes construction defect investigations, pipeline explosions and industrial accidents.

Engineering Analysis

Principia provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of mechanical systems. The field of mechanical engineering encompasses a broad range of disciplines from electro-mechanical engineering to combustion. In order to provide the highest level of mechanical engineering consulting to our clients, Principia’s engineers have technical backgrounds and over 40 years of experience that spans the entire breadth of the mechanical engineering field.

Human Factors

Does the science of human perception and behavior suggest an accident was avoidable?

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